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As of mid March, 2011: 2 Patents Issued, 1 Patent Pending

Our Mission

DSA develops and applies technology to enhance peoples lives especially as it applies to the elderly, individuals with disabilities and others with physical challenges.

Company Profile

Founded in the late 1980's, DSA originally provided engineering and system integration services in the areas of factory and manufacturing automation.  With the expertise we developed in using computers to extend the capabilities of workers in a manufacturing environment, DSA is now focusing on applying computer technology to enhance peoples every day living experience.

Tim Perry, DSA's founder, has a unique background that makes him especially suited to direct these efforts.  Tim has masters degrees in both Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.  Professionally, Tim has worked for more than 30 years applying computers to real time applications ranging from medical research to factory and process automation for companies like Monsanto, Pfizer, Ralston Purina, Union Carbide, Quaker Oats, Procter & Gamble, Anheuser Busch, Goodyear, McDonnell-Douglas, Conoco, Cheesebrough Ponds, Exon, Ford Motor Co. and many others.

Tim's son Jason (32 yrs old as of 2011) has cerebral palsy and uses an electric wheel chair.  All the while Tim was working in industry he was also raising Jason and thinking about how Tim could apply technology to Jason's benefit.  In 2001 Tim began devoting his time to helping Jason and others like him.  Before long it became obvious that the ideas being developed were applicable to the elderly as well.  Offshoots of these efforts are also applicable to general population.

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